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Computerized Diagnostics

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Computerized Diagnostics

Computerized Diagnostics

Jim's Diagnostics Center

Warning lights and computer codes should NEVER be ignored. Your vehicle's computer is designed to monitor it's operation at all times. When it senses a problem it will trigger a warning light and often set a code to its onboard computer. Ignoring these lights and codes can possibly effect your gas mileage and put undo stress on other components of your vehicle, only costing you more money down the road.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics-$85.00

Is your vehicle's check engine or service engine light on? Jim's has the most advanced engine scanners on the market designed to help us properly diagnose your vehicles problems, instead of just selling you parts like those places that "scan" your computer for FREE!

Smoke Test-$85.00

Is your vehicle showing a EVAP code? Jim's smoke machine will help diagnose the reason for this code, and allow us to accurately quote you what it will take to get your vehicle back to operating safely and efficiently.

Basic Diagnostics-$42.50-$85.00

Does your vehicle have leak? Maybe a rattle? Rough idle? Lacking power? Jim's has qualified Technicians and the proper tools to diagnose your problem correctly so we can accurately quote you what it will take to get your vehicle back to normal!

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