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Alignments/Oil Changes

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Alignments/Oil Changes

Alignments/Oil Changes


All of Jim's Alignments are performed by our Experienced Technicians using a up to date Hunter Hawkeye Elite Laser Alignment Machine, assuring You and Your vehicle will be driving straight down the road!

2/4 Wheel Computer Alignments-From-$79.99(Most Cars/Trucks)

Full Synthetic Oil Changes w/Amsoil-Image result for AMSOIL

All of Jim's Synthetic oil changes include-Up to 5-qts. of OE Amsoil Synthetic oil. New oil filter. Lube all grease points. Visual car inspection.

Basic-$84.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Every 5-7k Miles)

Better-$94.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Every 5-7k Miles)

Includes-Everything in "Basic"

+Tire Rotation

Signature-$129.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Once a Year or Every 25k Miles)

Includes-Everything in "Better"

+Upgrade to Amsoil Signature Syntheic Oil

Oil Change Services w/BG Products-Image result for BG PRODUCTS

All of Jim's oil changes(Basic)include-Up to 5-qts. of oil. New oil filter. Lube all grease points. Visual car inspection. BG M.O.A*, and BG "On The Road" 24-hr Roadside Assistance.

Basic-$49.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Every 3-4k Miles)

Premier-$69.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Every 6k Miles)

Includes-Everything in "Basic"

+Tire Rotation

+BG CF5** Fuel System Cleaner

Performance-$99.99 +$2.00 Oil Disposal (Recommended Once a Year)

Includes-Everything in "Premier"

+BG EPR*** Engine Performance Restoration

+Vacuum Interior-(open areas, not overly cluttered, free from ground in dirt)

*BG M.O.A is a engine oil supplement(11oz)that we add to your engine along with fresh oil which prevents engine oil thickening and premature breakdown, keeping the internal parts of your engine free from sludge, while adding protection to all your engines moving parts.

**BG CF5 is a fuel system cleaner(11oz)that we add to your gas tank which prevents deposits throughout your vehicle's entire fuel system. It will keep your injectors, pistons, fuel intake components, and sensors clean and free of damaging deposits and corrosion.

***BG EPR is a engine performance restoration additive(11oz)added to your engine's crankcase prior to changing your oil. After adding BG EPR to your engine we then will let your car idle for 15-minutes. BG EPR softens and dissolves hard to remove deposits and sludge from all of your engine's internal moving parts, keeping your engine clean and efficient.

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