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     All of us at JIM'S Tire & Auto just want to say THANK YOU for choosing JIM'S.  We know that you have a choice when it comes to buying a new or even a used set of tires.  We know that you have a choice when it comes to buying a new mower or trimmer.  We know you have a choice when it comes to any of your auto and lawn equipment service and parts needs.  We also know that it is NO secret that alot of the stuff we sell you can find on the internet.  And sometimes if you look hard and long enough you might even find certain items cheaper.  However no matter how long and hard you look online you will never find the kind of service and hands on selection JIM'S offers you.  And keep in mind when you buy a new piece of lawn equipment or a set of tires from JIM'S we honor your warranty and solve any service issues right here on site!  Unlike those "online" stores where you will have the added hassle and cost of  shipping! 

     At JIM'S we do our best to offer you the fairest price, the widest selection, the best financing, and most of all the best service.  We know were not perfect, but with each day we do our best to be just a little bit better!  So, if you are a long time customer or maybe a potential new customer we just want to say again-

 Thank You for choosing JIM'S!!! 



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